To process payments on your site, first set up your site to accept payments as described in About Accepting Payments. When setting up your site to accept payments, be sure to select the payment methods you want to offer and set your payment currency. You can also set up a list of alternative currencies to display your prices in. Use the currency objects and the currency conversion dropdown element to set up and display product prices in different currencies.

Typical Payment Lifecycle

The following list outlines the steps taken in a typical payment lifecycle:

  1. A site visitor clicks a button to start the payment process.
  2. The button's event handler calls a backend function.
  3. A PaymentInfo object containing information about the payment, such as the payment amount, is created in the backend function.
  4. The backend function calls createPayment() using the PaymentInfo object and returns the generated Payment object to the calling client-side event handler.
  5. The event handler then calls the startPayment() function with the id from the Payment object, which opens the payment popup on your site.
  6. The site visitor enters the payment information.
  7. The event handler optionally handles the returned PaymentResult.
  8. Handle additional status updates to the payment transaction using the onPaymentUpdate() event.

To use the Pay API, import wixPayFrontend from the wix-pay-frontend module:


Note: To work with the Pay API, you need to save and publish your site.

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