postponeEndDate( )

Extends the duration of a pricing plan order by postponing the order's endDate.

The postponeEndDate() function returns a Promise that resolves when the order's end date is successfully changed.

The new end date and time must be later than the order's current endDate.

Postponing the end date of an order does not impact payments. For example, if the pricing plan is for a membership to an online lecture series, and you want to extend the duration of the series because the lecturer could not attend some sessions, you can postpone the end date of the orders for all relevant participants. The participants will not be billed additionally.

Postponing an order causes the following changes:

Note: Only site visitors with the Manage Pricing Plans and Manage Subscriptions permissions can change the end date of orders. You can override the permissions by setting the function's suppressAuth option to true.

Method Declaration
Method Parameters

ID of the order whose end date must change.


New date and time to update the endDate at which the order will expire.


Options to use when changing the end date of an order.

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