Use the Pro Gallery backend API to create and manage pro galleries on your site's backend. To enable pro gallery backend API functionality for your site, add a pro gallery to your site.

With the Pro Gallery backend API, you can:

  • Create a pro gallery from scratch or clone an existing pro gallery on your site's backend.
  • Get, update, and delete an existing pro gallery on your site's backend.
  • Create, get, update, and delete a pro gallery item on your site's backend.
  • List pro galleries and gallery items on your site's backend.

You can get a pro gallery's ID in 2 ways:

  1. Call the listGalleries() function to get a list of all your site's pro galleries and their IDs, and search for the one you want.
  2. Get a pro gallery element's ID by clicking the element in the Editor. Click Settings > Support. Scroll down to Gallery Info to see the ID.

There are 2 ways to create a pro gallery:

  1. Create a pro gallery using the Editor (recommended).
  2. Create a pro gallery using the Pro Gallery Backend API (not recommended).

Before you begin

It's important to note these points regarding before coding:

  • To work with the Pro Gallery Backend API, you need to first publish your site.
  • Only site collaborators with 'pro-gallery.manage' permissions can create, delete, and update a gallery or gallery items. You can override the permissions with the wix-auth elevate() function.


  • Pro Gallery: A responsive and customizable gallery that displays media items.
  • Gallery Items: Media items in a gallery such as images, videos, and text files. You can read more about supported media. Note that when creating or updating image items in your gallery, the images must be uploaded to the Wix Media Manager first as the imageInfo parameter currently only supports the Wix media URL.
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