filter( )

Creates a filter builder for building search filters.

The filter() function is used for creating compound filters that are applied to a search using the and(), or(), and not() filtering functions. You do not need the filter() function for applying most filtering functions (such as eq() or gt()) to a search. Instead you can add WixSearchBuilder filtering functions directly to your search.

The filter() function creates a WixSearchFilterBuilder object, which contains functionality for creating compound filters for your site search.

The following describes a typical filter builder flow:

  1. Create a WixSearchFilterBuilder using the filter() function.
  2. Create a WixSearchFilter by chaining a single WixSearchFilterBuilder filtering function, such as eq() or gt(), to the filter builder. You cannot chain more than 1 filtering function to a WixSearchFilterBuilder.
  3. Do one of the following:
  • Create more filters: Pass one or more WixSearchFilters as parameters to an and(), or(), or not() WixSearchFilterBuilder function to create a new WixSearchFilter. For example, newFilter = wixSearch.filter().or(filter1, filter2).
  • Refine a search: Pass one or more WixSearchFilters as parameters to an and(), or(), or not() WixSearchBuilder function to refine a search. For example, newSearchBuilder =, filter2).

Note that only some fields can be filtered. Check which fields can be filtered in the supported schemas for each documentType.

Method Declaration
This method does not take any parameters
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