The WixSearchBuilder functions enable you to run, filter, sort, apply facets (categorize), and control which results a search returns.

Typically, you build a search using the search() function, refine the search by chaining WixSearchBuilder functions, and then execute the search by chaining a find() function.

For example, the following searches a site for all store products containing the phrase "shoe" in English that are on sale, sorts them alphabetically according to their SKU, and logs the first 5 results to the console:


Only some fields can be searched, filtered, sorted, or faceted. Check the supported schemas for each documentType:

To use the and(), or(), and not() filtering functions, you first need to create WixSearchFilters using the filter() function and the WixSearchFilterBuilder filtering functions. You can then pass the WixSearchFilters to the and(), or(), and not() functions.

Note that when you chain multiple filtering functions to a WixSearchBuilder, an and condition is assumed.

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