There are three types of storage:

  • Local: Data in local storage never expires, even if the site visitor closes your page. When the visitor reopens the page later, the data can still be retrieved. You can store up to 50kb of data in local storage.

  • Session: Data in session storage is available while the site visitor's web session is active. The session ends when the visitor closes the browser tab or window. When the session ends, all the data in session storage is lost. Reloading or restoring the page does not affect session storage data. You can store up to 50kb of data in session storage.

  • Memory: Data in memory storage is available as long the site visitor does not refresh or close the page. Reloading or restoring the page clears the memory storage data. You can store up to 1mb of data in memory storage.

Get hands-on experience with the Frontend Storage API on our Hello Storage example page.

To use the Frontend Storage API, import the needed storage type(s) from the wix-storage-frontend module:


The APIs in wix-storage-frontend can only be used in front-end code.

Some older browsers may not fully support wix-storage-frontend. See Browser compatibility for more information.

Learn more about wix-storage-frontend in Getting Started and on Wix Learn.

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