The Table Reservations API provides all the functionality required to create and manage restaurant table reservations.

The Reservations API contains the following APIs:

  • Reservation Locations - This API allows you to provide location information and configure reservation settings for individual restaurants. A reservation location represents a physical restaurant, and at least 1 must be configured before using functions in the other Reservations APIs.
  • Time Slots - This API allows you to retrieve availability information for time slots at a reservation location. A time slot represents the availability of a restaurant for a specific party size during a given window of time.
  • Reservations - This API allows you to create and manage reservations. A reservation object represents the reservation of 1 or more tables for a party of guests at a particular restaurant.

Before you begin

It’s important to note the following points before starting to code:

  • You must install the Wix Table Reservations app.

Use cases

Using this API include, you could:

  • Update the minimum required notice for reservations at all locations.
  • Create a held reservation with a given time, location, and party size.
  • Close a restaurant and cancel all reservations on a given day.


For a comprehensive glossary of Table Reservations terms, see Terminology.

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