The Reservations Locations API allows you to configure reservation settings for a restaurant location.

A reservation location represents a physical restaurant and holds the ID of a location object. The location object holds the address that corresponds to the on-site location of that restaurant (except when the restaurant has no on-site location). Each reservation location has its own calendar, scheduling rules, table management settings, and other attributes that can be set and modified by the API.

With the Reservations Locations API, you can:

  • Query or list reservation locations.
  • Update the configuration of existing reservation locations.

Note: Reservation locations can only be created and archived through the Dashboard, or using the Locations API.

Once a reservation location has been configured, you can:

Before you begin

It’s important to note the following points before starting to code:

  • You must install the Wix Table Reservations app.
  • To use the Reservation Locations API, import reservationLocations from wix-table-reservations.v2:

Permissions information

The following functions may require elevated permissions to run depending on which fields are included, or the value of certain fields.


Calling getReservationLocation() with fieldsets set to FULL requires elevated permissions.


Calling listReservationLocations() with fieldsets set to FULL requires elevated permissions.


Calling queryReservationLocations() with fieldsets set to FULL requires elevated permissions.


For a comprehensive glossary of Table Reservations terms, see Terminology.

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