connectAccount( )

Retrieves information for connecting a new payment provider account.

This function is called by Wix Payments when you try to connect a custom payment provider from your site's dashboard. When neccessary, the code implemented in this function creates a new account on the payment provider's side. The function returns the payment provider account information, or error information if account creation fails. Wix uses the return values from this function when connecting the payment provider to the site.

Note: This function has a second parameter called context. This parameter is for internal Wix use only. You don't need to use it in your code.

Where to find connectAccount()

When you add the Payment Provider service plugin, a folder is automatically added to your site. Use the .js file in the folder to write the custom code for your payment provider.

For more information on customizing your payment provider, see Tutorial: Payment Provider Service Plugin.

Method Declaration
Method Parameters

Information to use when connecting a new payment provider account.

Return Type:Promise<ConnectAccountResponse>
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