updateResourceSchedule( )

Updates a resource's schedule.

The updateResourceSchedule() function returns a Promise that resolves when a resource's schedule has been updated. Use this function to update the bookings resource's schedule. To update other resource details use updateResource().

The following schedule properties can be updated:

  • availability.start
  • availability.linkedSchedules

Update a resource's schedule to remove business hours and add custom hours.

  • Use updateResourceSchedule() to remove the business's scheduleId from the availability.linkedSchedules array.
  • Use createSession() to create a set of recurring sessions of type "WORKING_HOURS" to define the resource's new hours.

Update a resource's schedule to add default business hours, and keep or remove custom hours.

  • Use updateResourceSchedule() to add the business resource's scheduleId to the availability.linkedSchedules array.
  • If you want to remove the custom sessions, use deleteSession() to delete the resource's sessions of type "WORKING_HOURS". You do not have to delete exiting custom sessions. You can have both default working hours and custom hours for the same schedule. Custom sessions that are not deleted will continue to be included in availability calculations and can still be booked.


  • The Wix Bookings app does not show both default business hours and custom hours on the Staff page in the dashboard. If you've set up both custom and default business hours, only the default business hours will appear in the app, although both are working.
  • A resource can have one schedule only.
  • A resource can have both default business hours and custom hours in its schedule.
  • When updating a resource's schedule you cannot change the system tags used by the Wix Bookings app. Tags used by the app have the values "INDIVIDUAL", "GROUP", and "COURSE”.
  • Only users with the Bookings Admin role can update a resource schedule. You can override the role permissions by setting the options.suppressAuth parameter to true.
Method Declaration
Method Parameters

Resource ID to update.


Schedule ID.


Updated schedule information.


An object representing the available options for updating a resource schedule.

Return Type:Promise<ResourceSchedule>
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