register( )

Registers a new site member.

The register() function returns a Promise that resolves to a RegistrationResult object when the member is either registered or pending registration.

The specified password must be between 4 and 100 ASCII characters.

See New Members to learn about verifying emails and approving members.


  • The member data in the resolved Promise includes custom fields from your site's contacts only if they are added to your site members in your dashboard.

  • When your site's member signup settings are set to automatic approval, calling register() from wix-members-frontend (in page code) is as secure as calling register() from wix-members-backend (in backend code), unless you are implementing custom site registration using Velo forms. However, when registration is set to manual approval, calling register() from wix-members-backend allows you to build more secure approval flows by keeping tokens hidden from the frontend.

  • Registering a member in the backend always creates a new contact, even if a contact with the specified email already exists. To avoid this behavior, use register() from wix-members-frontend.

Method Declaration
Method Parameters

Email address the new member will use to log in.


Password to assign to the new site member. Must be 4 to 100 ASCII characters.


Registration options.

Return Type:Promise<RegistrationResult>
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