register( )

Registers a new site member.

The register() function returns a Promise that resolves to a RegistrationResult object when the member is registered or pending registration.

The specified password must be between 4 and 100 ASCII characters.

See New Members to learn about verifying emails and approving members.


  • The APIs in wix-members-frontend are only partially functional when previewing your site. View a published version of your site to see their complete functionality.

  • The member data in the resolved Promise includes custom fields from your site's contacts only if they are added to your site members in your dashboard.

  • When a new member signs up using an email address that's already in your site's Contact List, a notification is displayed and a confirmation email is sent to the new member. To register a member without displaying the notification, use register() from wix-members-backend (this does not suppress the confirmation email).

  • When your site's member signup settings are set to automatic approval, calling register() from wix-members-frontend (in page code) is as secure as calling register() from wix-members-backend (in backend code), unless you are implementing custom site registration using Velo forms. However, when registration is set to manual approval, calling register() from wix-members-backend allows you to build more secure approval flows by keeping tokens hidden from the frontend.

Method Declaration
Method Parameters

Email address the new member will use to log in.


Password to assign to the new member. Must be 4 to 100 ASCII characters.


Registration options.

Return Type:Promise<RegistrationResult>
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