The Events API provides functionality for creating, updating and managing Wix events created in the Wix Events app and using this Wix Events API.

About Wix Events

Wix events are gatherings that an individual or a business holds for a group of people. We refer to these people either as guests, participants, or attendees.

To enable Wix Event API functionality for your site, add the Wix Events application to your site. You must upgrade your site to a Premium Plan in order to accept online payments for events.

The Wix Events API provides functionality allowing you to:

Wix Events vs. Backend Events

For clarity, this reference refers to:

  • "Backend events" when discussing events that get fired and are handled by event handlers.
  • "Wix events" when discussing events that people attend.

Creating Wix Events

After adding the Wix Events application to your site, you can use the createEvent and the copyEvent functions to start building your catalog of events.

To create a Wix event:

  1. First, start creating the event by specifying certain initial properties.
  2. Continue event creation by adding more details to the event.

Note: If you are not logged in when creating the event, the createdBy property is empty.

Start Creating the Event

Similar to the process of creating an event using the Wix Dashboard, there are certain initial properties you must first specify before configuring other event settings.

  • Event name

  • Whether the event is a Ticketed event or an RSVP event.

    This information is stored both in the registration.initialType and the registration.type properties.

    • RSVP events: RSVP
    • Ticketed events: TICKETS

    The registration.initialType property value becomes read-only and never changes.

    The registration.type property value might change after initial event creation, depending on any additional configuration applied to the event.

Continue Defining the Event

After initial event creation, you can continue defining the event by configuring more of its settings. At this point, you can use this API to configure settings for:

  • Location
  • Scheduling
  • Registration
  • Tickets
  • RSVPs
  • Online conferencing
  • Messaging customization
  • Basic registration form customization

Defining Registration for the Event

At any point you can pause or close registration with the registrationDisabled or registrationPaused properties.

While you continue to define your Wix events, the registration.type property value might change. This is because the registration.type value reflects the actual, current type of the event. For example:

  • All events start off with a registration.type value of RSVP or TICKETS, matching the registration.initialType property (which never changes). This means that guests must register either by ordering tickets or by RSVPing to the event.

  • If you want event registration to be managed externally using some other site, update the externalRegistrationUrl property to true. The registration.type value is updated to "EXTERNAL". The guest list and registration are managed externally. Any existing guest list originally managed by Wix Events continues to exist, but is no longer maintained by Wix Events. Update the externalRegistrationUrl property to configure external registration and to direct the guest to the given external URL for registration.

  • If you want to indicate that guests do not need to register for the event, use the updateEvent() function to change the registrationDisabled property to true. The registration.type value is updated to "NO_REGISTRATION". No registration is required, all guests can attend.

Defining "TBD" Events

Most events have known locations, start, and end times.

However, it is possible you might not know the location, date, and time in advance when initially setting up the event. You can create events with times and locations "to be determined" (TBD) later by setting the following properties in the eventInfo object when creating the event:

  • schedulingInfo.tbd to true
  • schedulingInfo.tbdMessage to text describing that the date and time have not yet been set
  • locationInfo.tbd to true
  • to text describing that the location has not yet been set

You can define an event with a TBD location and a known date/time, and vice versa. Both tbd properties do not have to be true at the same time.

When the Wix event's start and end dates are not yet known, a message is displayed at registration time/when an attendee registers. The message is defined in the scheduling.tbdMessage property. Similarly, when the Wix event's location is not yet known, the message defined in the property is displayed.

scheduling.startDate, scheduling.endDate, and scheduling.timeZoneId are optional for events without schedules. addressLine1 and streetAddress are optional for events without locations.

For example, here is an eventInfo object containing the minimum properties necessary for defining an RSVP-type event that is TBD:


Ticketing Considerations

Once a Wix event is created as a ticketed event, it cannot be updated to an RSVP event.

This API lets you set the following for ticket orders:

  • The currency for ticket orders.
  • How taxes are handled.
  • Whether a separate registration form is needed for each ticket, or if one form can be used for all guests on the order.
  • Whether guests can see other guests attending the event.

RSVP Considerations

Once a Wix event is created as an RSVP event, it cannot be updated to a ticketed event.

You can set whether guests can see other guests attending the event.


Waitlists are supported only for RSVP events.

Online Conferencing Considerations

Online conferencing is enabled in the Dashboard. You can see if online conferencing is enabled using the videoConferencing.enabled property.

This API lets you set the following for online conferencing:

  • Whether the event is a webinar or a meeting.
  • Provider information.

You can also see session information, such as links and passwords.

Roles and Permissions

You need some combination of the following roles and permissions to work with Wix events.

Managing Wix Events

With "Manage Events" permissions you can create and manage all Wix events, including deleting events, selling tickets, and collecting RSVPs.

Anyone with the "Site owner/Admin" role can use the dashboard to manage Wix events and see the Wix Event guest list.

Anyone with the "Check-in assistant" role (or Assist Check-ins permissions) can view Wix events in the Dashboard, but cannot update them. They can also see the Wix Event guest list.

Managing Guest Lists

Anyone with the "Site owner/Admin" role can see and manage a Wix Event's guest list.

If a Wix event has a public guest list, attendees can see who else is also attending the event. Attendees do not see the entire guest list, only those that indicated that they were attending.

Registration Forms

Wix Events lets you manage the data collected from guests during registration using forms.

Note: Using this API, you can see current registration form and message settings using the form properties.

A form is an ordered list of input groups (control blocks), which accept guest information into input fields.

Each input group contains one or more nested input fields. For example, a Name input group has two input fields: First Name and Last Name.

By default, name and email controls are always required and are pinned to the top of the form.

Using the API

To use the Wix Events API, import events from the wix-events-backend module:

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