About the Registered Domains API

The Registered Domains API allows you to register domains through Wix. The registration process may take up to 48 hours to resolve.

With the Registered Domains API you can:

  • Create registered domains
  • Retrieve registered domains

You can use the Domain Search API to check which domains are available for purchase. Learn more about managing DNS zones with the Domain DNS API.

Before you begin

It’s important to note the following points before starting to code:

  • The Registered Domains API is accessible via API keys. You can't access this API with a standard Auth header. We recommend authenticating calls with an API key for your main account instead of using a key for the relevant sub-account. But the responses to calls remain consistent across API keys, provided you have the necessary permissions.
  • Not all top-level domains (TLD) can be registered through Wix. Contact the Wix B2B team at bizdev@wix.com for more information.
  • You can only register root domains through Wix. You can't register subdomains.
  • If you want to register a domain to a Wix site, the site must have an active Premium plan. You don't need to have an active Premium plan in case you want to register a domain without assigning it to a site. Then, the domain remains floating in the account. In both situations, your account must own a productInstance that supports connecting a domain with the chosen TLD. Use the Resellers API to add these products to the site or account before calling Create Registered Domain.
  • You can register domains for 1, 2, or 3 years, but you don't set the duration with Create Registered Domain. Instead Wix chooses the registration length based on the billing cycle of the corresponding productInstance from the Resellers API.
  • Calling Create Registered Domain starts an asynchronous registration process that may take up to 48 hours to resolve. There is no webhook that notifies you when the process succeeds or fails. You can call Get Registered Domain to check the domain's status.
  • When calling Create Registered Domain Wix only checks formal requirements of each field in the contacts object, such as the maximum number of characters. Wix doesn't check whether the actual domain registrar has additional requirements, for example that the postal code is valid in the specified country. Read more about contact validations.

Use cases


  • Registered domain: Domain that's purchased, registered, and billed through Wix.
  • External domain: Domain that has been purchased through an external provider, not Wix. You can use the Connected Domains API to connect external domains to Wix sites.
  • Contact: For each registered domain you can list 3 different contacts.
    • Registrant: Domain owner or contract partner for the domain name. Can be an actual person or a company representative.
    • Admin: Administrative contact that's listed in the Whois database unless the domain includes privacy. Note that not all TLDs can be purchased with privacy.
    • Tech: Technical support contact.
  • DNS propagation: The process of updating name servers around the world that follows every change to your DNS records. It can take up to 48 hours to complete. Read more about DNS propagation.
  • Redemption period: Last chance to keep a domain before it becomes publicly available. Learn more about the domain life cycle.
  • Reseller: Strategic partner that offers Wix services to their customers. Read more about resellers.
  • Product instance: Specific instance of a reseller product. Before you can register a domain to a Wix account, the account must own a product that supports the chosen domain TLD. Additionally, if you want to assign the domain to a site, the site must own a Premium plan. Contact the Wix B2B sales team for a list of available reseller products.
  • Account: Wix account that includes access to associated sites.
    • Team account: Account type that supports collaborative work by having multiple sets of login credentials. This is especially helpful for agencies and resellers when managing a large number of customer sites. In Wix Studio team accounts are called workspaces. An agency may have multiple workspaces in Wix Studio, while in Wix Editor they're limited to a single team account.
    • Sub-account: Account that's contained within another account, forming a hierarchical structure. The owners of the sub-account are only able to interact with sites that belong to the sub-account. This setup is particularly useful for agencies and resellers since it limits client access to relevant sites only.
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