Catalog Service

About This API

Wix Stores creates a catalog of store owners’ items for purchase and allows store owners to create smaller collections of products by type or theme. A catalog organizes the store’s products and collections and facilitates inventory management. With the Wix Stores Catalog API you can query individual products, collections or the entire catalog, as well as create products and add their media.

Querying the products and collections in the catalog enables you to coordinate a store’s inventory across other sales platforms (e.g., Facebook marketplace), or inventory management tools (e.g., NetSuite, TradeGecko), among other uses.


  • The catalog is a complete list of all the store’s products.
  • Collections are themed groupings of items for purchase that a store owner can create to organize their products (e.g., Spring 2019, Running shoes, etc.). Products can belong to multiple collections.
  • Options are property types that customers can select within the specific product - e.g., color and size.
  • Choices are the available selections within each option - e.g., red and green choices under the Color option.
  • Variants are combinations of different product options and choices - e.g., a red shirt in size large. A variant can override the following values from the parent product:
    • Price
    • SKU
    • Weight
    • Inventory

Error handling

Status codeDescription
400Invalid input (e.g., when the filter format is not valid or when providing invalid options when calling productOptionsAvailability)
401Invalid authorization token, or Wix stores is not installed
404Requested product or collection is not found
500Unexpected error
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