About the eCommerce Abandoned Checkouts API

An abandoned checkout is created when:

  • A customer begins an eCommerce Checkout process but doesn't complete it (for example, after closing their browser tab before putting in their payment details and making a payment).

  • A customer who is also a site member creates a cart and closes their browser tab before proceeding to the checkout page. (Wix eCommerce creates an abandoned checkout entity with the cart details).

The Abandoned Checkouts API allows an app developer to help a customer recover their abandoned checkout. When a customer completes their checkout and makes a purchase, the checkout becomes an order.

An abandoned checkout contains buyer details, prices, reference to the initial cart or checkout, a URL for accessing the abandoned checkout, and more.

The eCommerce Abandoned Checkouts API provides functionality for getting information about an abandoned checkout and retrieving a list of abandoned checkouts. You can also listen for events when an abandoned checkout is created and recovered.

To assist in migration from the Stores to eCommerce APIs, please refer to the Stores Cart to eCommerce Checkout Conversion Table.


  • Recovered: When a customer returns to their abandoned checkout and completes the checkout.

  • Activities: This property is only relevant if the site owner set up automations in the Dashboard. The activities property is a list of all automation activities performed by Wix Automations regarding the abandoned checkout. Wix Automations updates the activities field for each actvity in the automation flow. For example, if a site owner set up an automation to send a notification to a site visitor an hour after their abandoned checkout is created, Wix automations does the following:

    • Updates the activities field to SCHEDULED when the abandoned checkout is created.
    • Updates the activities field to NOTIFICATION_SENT after an hour, when the notification is sent to the site visitor.

    Other actvities include:

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