About the Draft Posts API

The Draft Posts API allows users to create and manage draft posts. A draft post is an article written by a site collaborator who is given the appropriate roles and permissions.

With the Draft Posts API, you can:

  • Create and update draft posts.
  • Publish draft posts.
  • Update multiple draft posts.
  • Delete draft posts.
  • Restore deleted draft posts from the trash bin.

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Note: translationId is only returned in the draftPost object if the Multilingual app is installed.


  • Post: A published article on a blog site. It is also referred to as a publication. A blog can have up to 100K posts.
  • Draft Post: An article written by a site owner, blog editor, blog writer, or a guest writer that is not yet published.
  • Category: A group of similar and related posts. A post can be assigned to a maximum of 10 categories.
  • Tag: A way to further sort and organize blog posts. Tags provide the ability to filter blog posts.
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