About Wix Restaurants Orders

Note: This API only works with the original Wix Restaurants Orders app. Call GetAppInstance to confirm that the app named “restaurants_orders” is installed on the site.

With Wix Restaurants Orders, site owners can retrieve orders and update their statuses. They can also receive a notification when a new order has been placed.

The Orders API allows your app to:

  • Retrieve orders
  • Mark orders as accepted, fulfilled, and canceled
  • Listen to domain events


  • Catalog: All menus.
  • Line Item: Any dish or dish option defined in the catalog.
  • Dish Option: Any extra that you can add to a dish, any size of the dish, or any deselection that you can remove from the dish.
  • Discount: A price reduction for an item or the order. The discount can be an amount, a percentage or free delivery. Discounts may depend on entering a coupon code.
  • Order Statuses:
    • Pending: The order has been placed by the customer, but the payment or validation checks have not cleared yet.

      Note: Site owners can't see pending orders in their dashboard.

    • New: The order has passed validation checks and the payment has cleared, but the site owners have not accepted or canceled the order yet.

    • Accepted: The site owners have agreed to fulfill the order.

      Note: Site owners can set up an automation in the dashboard to immediately accept every new order.

    • Canceled: The site owners have decided not to fulfill the order or to mark an already fulfilled order as problematic.

    • Fulfilled: The order has been successfully distributed.


  • Discounts: Percentage discounts can only be applied to an item but not the entire order.
  • Currently the Restaurants Orders API doesn’t include create functionality. You can update order statuses and listen to domain events.
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