Order Object

An order object includes all of the details related to the purchase of a Pricing Plan. You can manage existing orders, create offline orders, and preview orders not yet purchased.

Orders are based on pricing models based on the payment and duration cycles for each plan. See here to learn more about pricing models.

idstringRead-onlyformat GUID

Order ID.

planIdstringRead-onlyformat GUID

ID of the plan purchased with the order. See Plans for more information about pricing plans.

subscriptionIdstringRead-onlyformat GUID

ID of the related Wix subscription.

Every pricing plan order corresponds to a Wix subscription, including orders for single payment plans. See here for a Pricing Plans overview.

wixPayOrderIdstringRead-onlyformat GUID

Wix Pay order ID.

Provided by Wix whether the order is created online or offline. The field is omitted when the order is free.


The buyer's IDs. Includes memberId and contactId.

Currently, Pricing Plan purchases are limited to members only. contactId is returned, but a buyer will not be able to purchase a plan without a memberId.

priceDetailsobjectRead-onlydeprecated - use pricing instead

Deprecated. Use pricing instead. This property will be removed on September 30, 2022.


Order pricing model, price, and payment schedule.

Learn more about pricing models.

4 enum supported values:

How the order was processed. One of:

  • ONLINE: The buyer purchased the plan using the site.
  • OFFLINE: The buyer made a manual, offline purchase without using the site.
  • EXTERNAL: The buyer made a purchase through an external payment provider.

7 enum supported values:

Status of the order. One of:

  • DRAFT: Order has been initiated but payment hasn't been processed yet. The plan isn't yet available for use to the buyer.
  • PENDING: Order has been purchased and its start date is set in the future.
  • ACTIVE: Order has been processed. The plan is available for use.
  • PAUSED: Order, and use of the plan, is paused. The order, and use of the plan, can be resumed.
  • ENDED: Order has completed its duration and is no longer available for use.
  • CANCELED: Order has been canceled.


Whether the order will be canceled at the next payment date.

If true, the order status will be CANCELED and the next payment won't be charged. Omitted for single payment orders.


Details about the cancellation of an order.

Only present if the status is CANCELED.

7 enum supported values:

Status of the last payment for the order. Updated automatically for online orders. Updated manually by the site owner for offline orders. One of:

  • PAID: The last payment was paid.
  • REFUNDED: The last payment was refunded.
  • FAILED: The last payment transaction didn't complete.
  • UNPAID: The last payment wasn't paid.
  • PENDING: Awaiting payment.
  • NOT_APPLICABLE: No payment was necessary. For example, for free plans or free trials.

startDatestringRead-onlyformat date-time

Start date and time for the ordered plan.

endDatestringRead-onlyformat date-time

Current end date and time for the ordered plan.

endDate may be updated over the course of an order. If the order is paused, it will have a later endDate once it resumes. endDate may also be postponed.

Omitted if the order is valid until canceled and still ACTIVE.

pausePeriodsArray <PausePeriod>Read-only

List of periods during which the order is paused.

freeTrialDaysintegerRead-onlyminimum 1maximum 999format int32

Free trial period for the order, in days.

Only available for recurring plans.

earliestEndDatestringRead-onlyformat date-time

Earliest end date and time that the plan for the order can expire.

Calculated by using the original end date plus any pause periods. Omitted if the order is active until canceled. Reserved for future use.


Current payment cycle for the order.

currentCycle will be omitted if the order's status is CANCELED or ENDED, or if the startDate hasn't passed yet.


Plan name at the time of purchase.


Plan description at the time of purchase

planPricestringRead-onlyformat DECIMAL_VALUE

Plan price as it was at the moment of order creation.

createdDatestringRead-onlyformat date-time

Date and time the order was created.

updatedDatestringRead-onlyformat date-time

Date and time the order was updated.


Information about the form submitted during the plan's checkout.

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