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Wix Forum allows site owners and members to create and manage forum posts. The posts can be organized in categories.

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  • Post A post written by a site member.

    Posts can be pinned (set to always appear at the top of a forum page), moved (to a new category), liked/unliked (to show approval, or not), and closed/opened (for replies). These actions happen in the site only, but third parties using the API can be notified of them via webhooks.

  • Category A logical group that the site member assigns their post(s) to in the forum.

  • Draft Post A pending post written by a site member used for post moderation.

    Draft posts can be approved (they are posted to the forum) or deleted.

Use cases

The Forum API allows developers to reuse forum content in a modular fashion.


  • Set up an automated feed of new posts and sub-forums based on news, events, or other topics so that members and admins don't have to do it manually:
    1. Decide criteria for selecting forum posts to display, e.g. based on keywords or listing all categories, and retrieve these categories using the Query Categories endpoint.
    2. Consume the Post Created Webhook to get all new posts.
    3. Filter the new posts by their categoryId, or by keywords found in contentText, and link back to them using url and title to create links.
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