Email Activity Updated

Developer Preview

This API is subject to change. Bug fixes and new features will be released based on developer feedback throughout the preview period.

Triggered each time an email campaign has a new recipient activity.

New recipient activity includes when each email in a campaign is DELIVERED, OPENED, or BOUNCED. Also, when a URL inside the email is CLICKED.

The type of activity that triggered the webhook is in actionEvent.body and can be one of:

  • delivery: Email was delivered to recipient.
  • click: Recipient clicked on a URL in an email.
  • open: Recipient opened an email.
  • softBounce: Email soft bounced when sent to a recipient.
  • hardBounce: Email hard bounced when sent to a recipient.
Event BodyEvent Body Event data is received as a JSON Web Token (JWT). It may be delayed. Be sure to verify the data was sent by Wix.
Event Data

Unique event ID. Allows clients to ignore duplicate webhooks.


Fully qualified domain name of the entity associated with the event. Expected wix.email_marketing.v1.campaign.


Event name. Expected email_activity_updated.


ID of the entity associated with the event.

eventTimestringformat date-time

Event timestamp.


Whether the event was triggered as a result of a privacy regulation application (for example, GDPR).


If present, indicates the action that triggered the event.


Event information.

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