About the Coupons API

Wix site owners can create coupons to offer their customers discounts for products on their site.

With the Coupons API, you can manage a site's coupons.

Checking for Installed Apps

To use the Coupons API, the user's site must have a valid app installed. In the response to the Get App Instance endpoint, check the site.installedWixApps array for the following values:

  • stores
  • bookings
  • events
  • pricingPlans

Coupon Types

Wix supports the following types of coupons:

  • $ discount - a.k.a. moneyOffAmount, a fixed discount amount
  • % discount - a.k.a. percentOffAmount, a discount as a % (e.g., 20% off)
  • Free Shipping - free shipping
  • Sale Price - a.k.a. fixedPrice, a fixed sale price
  • Buy X Get Y - purchase one or more of a specified product (X), and get one or more additional products (Y) for free. Both X and Y can be defined either as specified products or as a specified collection of products. All items must be in the customer's cart at time of purchase.

Usage Limits

Coupons can be limited to:

  • 1 item per order
  • Minimum subtotal
  • X number of uses in total (all purchases by all customers, including repeat uses by the same customer)
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