Reservation Object

The reservation domain object.

idstringRead-onlyformat GUID

Reservation ID. Read-only.

9 enum supported values:

Status of the reservation.

  • HELD: The reservation is temporary and will expire in 10 minutes if its status isn’t changed. This phase temporarily reserves the required number of seats and tables for a given party size at a chosen time while a customer enters details and/or confirms their reservation request.
  • REQUESTED: A customer finished requesting this reservation, meaning they have added all necessary details and confirmed the request. Restaurant staff can now either approve or decline the reservation request.
  • DECLINED: The restaurant’s owner or staff declined the customer’s request to make the reservation.
  • RESERVED: The reservation is confirmed.
  • SEATED: The customer is currently occupying the table.
  • CANCELED: The reservation is canceled.
  • NO_SHOW: The customer didn't show up for their reservation.
  • FINISHED: The reservation completed successfully.

See the Reservation Lifecycle article for an explanation of the role of statuses in the reservation lifecycle.

4 enum supported values:

Reservation source.

This indicates how the reservation was made.

  • ONLINE indicates that the customer made the reservation through a website or app.
  • OFFLINE indicates that the reservation was made by a restaurant employee, for example when a customer calls to make a reservation.
  • WALK-IN indicates that the customer did not make a reservation beforehand, and the reservation was entered into the system by a restaurant employee when the customer arrived at the restaurant.


Reservation details.


Information about the person the reservation is being made for.


Information about the person making the reservation.

This field is required if the reservation's status is anything other than WALK_IN.

teamMessagestringmaxLength 10000

Team message.

A message for the restaurant staff containing any additional information regarding the reservation, such as special requirements for the guests.

createdDatestringRead-onlyformat date-time

Date and time when the reservation was created.

updatedDatestringRead-onlyformat date-time

Date and time when the reservation was changed.


Revision number, which increments by 1 each time the reservation is updated. To prevent conflicting changes, the current revision must be passed when updating the reservation.

Ignored when creating a reservation.

declineReasonstringmaxLength 1000

The reason the reservation was declined.

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