Review Object

A Review object includes all of the details related to the review of an entity. An entity is a specific resource to be reviewed, for example, a store product. You can manage existing reviews, create new reviews, and retrieve reviews. Read more about reviews in this tutorial.


Review namespace. Currently integrated with Wix Stores, as stores.

entityIdstringmaxLength 36

ID of the entity to review. For example, a Wix Stores product ID.

idstringRead-onlyformat GUID

Review ID.


Review content.

createdDatestringRead-onlyformat date-time

Date and time the review was created.

updatedDatestringRead-onlyformat date-time

Date and time the review was updated.


Author of the review.


Reply to the review.


Number of site visitors who found the review helpful.


Number of site visitors who found the review unhelpful.


Helpfulness score.

Calculated by subtracting foundUnhelpful from foundHelpful.


Moderation status of the review.

revisionintegerRead-onlyformat int64

Revision number, which increments by 1 each time the review is updated. To prevent conflicting changes, the current revision must be passed when updating the review. Ignored when creating a review.


Indicates whether the review has been verified through a Verify Product Purchase call to the Review Product catalog SPI.


Provides information about the origin of the review. Organic reviews are created by site visitors or members. App reviews are created by apps even though a site visitor or member is the author of the review. Apps can not create or update organic reviews.

reviewDatestringformat date-time

Date and time when the review was written. This should match created_date, except for reviews imported from another system.

relevanceScorenumberRead-onlyformat double

Platform-calculated score of review's relevance to the item. Used to sort reviews by relevance.


Counts the number of times a review has been published. Reviews require approval before publishing, unless moderation is disabled. When moderation is disabled, reviews are automatically approved and published.

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