The Time Slots API allows you to retrieve availability information for time slots at a reservation location on and around a given date and for a given party size.

A time slot represents a period of time in a restaurant’s calendar. Time slots can have any duration, and restaurants generally set their durations based on party size.

The following factors influence whether a time slot at a reservation location is available:

  • The size of the party that must be seated.
  • The reservation location’s table and seat pacing rules.
  • The reservation location’s business schedule (operating hours).
  • Existing reservations at the reservation location.

With the Time Slots API, you can:

  • Get time slots for a reservation location.

A time slot can have the following statuses:

  • AVAILABLE - The restaurant is open and available to seat a party of the given size at the given date and time.
  • UNAVAILABLE - The restaurant is open but unable to seat a party of the given size at the given date and time.
  • NON_WORKING_HOURS - The restaurant is not open at this time.

timeSlot objects also indicate whether manual approval is required to make a reservation at the given reservation location.

Before you begin

It’s important to note the following points before starting to code:

  • The site owner must install the Wix Table Reservations app.
  • The site owner must have at least 1 location configured in their Dashboard under Business Info.

Use Cases

Reservation app for restaurants on a Wix site


For a comprehensive glossary of Reservations terms, see Terminology.

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