About Marketing Tags

With Wix Marketing Tags, site owners can embed marketing tags in their website. The supported marketing tags are:

These marketing tags enable site owners to track user activity, ad conversion rates, and more.

Note: Only one marketing tag of each type is supported per Wix site.

The Marketing Tags APIs allow your app to:

  • List marketing tags
  • Create and update marketing tags
  • Delete marketing tags


  • Domain: Specifies which website is associated with the marketing tag.

    Note: When the site owner changes the domain of a Wix site, the embedded marketing tags won’t load anymore. To update the domain use the Upsert Marketing Tag endpoint. Currently, there is no way to sign up for notifications when a site owner changes their domain name.

  • Tracking ID: Specifies which external ID is associated with the site owner. Learn more about each tracking ID in the corresponding object description. These are the supported external IDs:

    Marketing TagExternal ID NameID Format
    Google Ads Conversion tagConversion IDAW-123456789
    Google Universal Analytics tagAnalytics IDUA-12345-1
    Google Analytics 4 tagMeasurement IDG-12345
    Yandex Metrica tagTag number123456789
    Facebook Pixel tagPixel ID123456789
    Google tagTag Manager Container IDGTM-12345
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