Resellers API: Sample Use Cases & Flows

This article shares some possible use cases your app could support, as well as a sample flow that could support each use case. This can be a helpful jumping off point as you plan your app's implementation.

Set up a customer's site in your team account

You could set up a site for a customer in your agency's team account. This way, the customer doesn't have access to the site until you've finished the setup and testing. Then, transfer the site to the customer's Wix account and assign a paid service to it. Note that you can't transfer sites with paid services.

To set up the site:

  1. Create a new site in your agency's team account.
  2. Finish the site's design, functionality, and testing.
  3. Call the Transfer Site endpoint of the B2B Site Management API to give the customer access to the site.
  4. Use the Create Package to assign paid Wix services to the transferred site. Contact the Wix B2B sales team for details about the relevant product IDs for each service.

Reassign a paid service to a different site

You could create a package of paid Wix services and assign the services to the relevant sites. When the customer realizes that want to use one of the services in a different site, you can re-assign it.

To re-assign a product instance:

  1. Call Create Package and pass the relevant site and product IDs.
  2. Once the customer informs you, that they want to transfer a paid service from one site to another, let them select the product instance they want to transfer and the ID of the target site.
  3. Pass the productInstanceId in the Unassign Product Instance From Site call.
  4. Use the Assign Product Instance To Site endpoint and pass the new site ID.
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