About the Events API

An event is a type of gathering an individual or a business holds for a group of people.

Wix Events support 3 different types of events:

  • RSVP events: Free events that collect RSVPs - yes/no attendance tracking (e.g., a wedding).
  • Ticketed events: Events which have tickets for sale (e.g., a conference).
  • External registration events: Events where the registration occurs on a different website and the event within the Wix platform is display-only.

Each event can include the following properties:

  • General info: event title, description, rich text about section.
  • Scheduling information: start and end date times, time zone of the event etc.
  • Location (including map coordinates).
  • Registration form settings.
  • Ticket definition settings (for Ticketed Events).
  • External registration link (for External Registration Events).
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