Draft Object

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idstringRead-onlymaxLength 38

Draft post ID.

titlestringmaxLength 200

Draft post title.

excerptstringmaxLength 500

Draft post excerpt.

If no excerpt has been manually set, an excerpt is automatically generated from the post's text. This can be retrieved using the GENERATED_EXCERPT fieldset.


Whether the draft post is marked as featured.

categoryIdsArray <string>maxItems 10maxLength 38

Category IDs of the draft post.

memberIdstringformat GUID

Draft post owner's member ID.

hashtagsArray <string>maxItems 100maxLength 100

Hashtags in the post.


Whether commenting on the draft post is enabled.


Estimated reading time of the draft post (calculated automatically).


Image placed at the top of the blog page.

tagIdsArray <string>maxItems 30maxLength 38

Tag IDs the draft post is tagged with.

relatedPostIdsArray <string>maxItems 3maxLength 38

IDs of posts related to this draft post.

pricingPlanIdsArray <string>maxItems 100format GUID

Pricing plan IDs. Only relevant if a post is assigned to a specific pricing plan.

translationIdstringformat GUID

ID of the draft post's translations.

All translations of a single post share the same translationId. Available only if the Multilingual app is installed.

languagestringformat LANGUAGE

Language the draft post is written in.

2-letter language code in ISO 639-1 alpha-2 format.

35 enum supported values:

Reserved for internal use.

contentIdstringRead-onlymaxLength 24

Reserved for internal use.

editingSessionIdstringformat GUID

Reserved for internal use.


Draft Post rich content.

7 enum supported values:

Status of the draft post.


Details of the draft post in review. Only relevant to posts submitted by guest writers.

mostRecentContributorIdstringRead-onlyformat GUID

Reserved for internal use.


Indicates if there are changes made to the draft post that have not yet been published.

editedDatestringRead-onlyformat date-time

Date the draft post was last edited.

scheduledPublishDatestringRead-onlyformat date-time

Date the draft post is scheduled to be published.


Reserved for internal use.

firstPublishedDatestringformat date-time

Date the post was first published.


SEO data.

paidContentParagraphintegerdeprecated - use previewTextParagraph insteadminimum 0format int32

Reserved for internal use.

slugsArray <string>Read-onlymaxItems 5000maxLength 100

Reserved for internal use.


Draft post URL preview. What the URL will look like once the post is published.

createdDatestringRead-onlyformat date-time

Date the draft post was first created.

seoSlugstringmaxLength 100

SEO slug.


Post cover media.

previewTextParagraphintegerminimum 0format int32

Number of paragraphs to display in a paid content preview for non-paying users.

internalIdstringRead-onlymaxLength 24

Reserved for internal use.

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