Who Can Use the Wix eCommerce Platform?

The Wix eCommerce platform is versatile and adaptable, serving a wide range of use cases, from simple to complex. Let's look at how different kinds of developers and creators can unlock its potential:

Wix site creators: Add eCommerce capabilities without code

For many standard use cases, you can leverage the power of the Wix eCommerce platform without need for any coding skills. Simply install a Wix business solution, such as Wix Bookings or Wix Stores, on your Wix site. This process automatically equips your site with the eCommerce platform's features, such as cart and checkout site pages, as well as dashboard pages for managing orders and payments. The eCommerce platform’s functionalities integrate seamlessly into your site, providing a complete eCommerce experience with minimal effort. If your requirements are straightforward, this setup is all you need to start selling online. And you can further extend the capabilities of your eCommerce site by installing Wix Apps from the Wix App Market.

For example:

  • If you run a yoga studio and wish to offer online bookings for your classes, install Wix Bookings to gain immediate access to the eCommerce platform's capabilities.
  • For a restaurant owner, install Wix Restaurants Orders to create a site that takes online orders.

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Velo developers: Customize your site's eCommerce functionality

If you have a Wix site and need more customization than the pre-existing business solutions provide out of the box, use Velo to extend your site’s functionalities and meet your business’s requirements. With the Velo eCommerce APIs, you can use code to access and manage carts, checkouts, orders, and more. With the Velo eCommerce SPIs, you can integrate custom logic and dynamic external information, such as shipping rates, additional fees, custom validations, and automatically triggered discounts. The possibilities for customization of your site’s eCommerce functionalities are endless.

For example:

  • Customize the user experience for customers who have items in their cart exceeding a certain value, by using the CurrentCart API to determine when a customer’s cart meets the criteria.
  • Synchronize with an external inventory management system after a successful order or checkout, by creating event handlers that react to eCommerce events on your site and automatically execute custom code.
  • Provide real-time shipping rates for a provider not natively supported by Wix, by using the ecom-shipping-rates SPI.
  • Develop a feature to display customer testimonials for products. Use the Orders API to verify that an order was fulfilled, then allow the customer to submit a review.

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Wix Headless: Use Wix eCommerce from any platform

Wix Headless empowers you to build and innovate sites and apps on any platform, while leveraging the robust backend functionalities of Wix business solutions, including the eCommerce platform. Develop your front-end user experience on any platform, and use the eCommerce platform’s APIs (either via REST or the Wix JavaScript SDK) to implement and customize your eCommerce functionalities. Wix provides the backend – you retain full control over the frontend on your chosen platform.

For example:

  • Create an online store on a platform of your choice, leveraging the functionality of the Wix eCommerce platform for business management.
  • Develop an event ticketing site on an external platform, utilizing the Wix eCommerce APIs for ticket sales and order management.

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Wix App developers

Wix Apps extend the features and management capabilities of Wix sites in a variety of ways, from adding an individual site or dashboard feature to implementing a comprehensive set of functionalities for a new business type. Wix site owners can find Wix Apps in the Wix App Market and install them on their sites to take advantage of the additional capabilities they offer. If you’re a developer looking to create new eCommerce functionalities that can be integrated across many Wix sites, the Wix eCommerce platform provides fertile ground for innovation. To integrate your app with the Wix eCommerce platform, use Wix’s REST API or the Wix JavaScript SDK.

Develop a new feature

Create specific eCommerce features that supplement and integrate with existing business solutions. For example:

  • Craft an up-sell or cross-sell widget offering recommendations based on the contents of a customer’s cart.
  • Create a "meal planner" app for food stores, letting customers choose recipes and automatically adding the necessary ingredients to their cart.
  • Develop an app for automated product recommendations, based on customer browsing and purchase history.

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Develop a new business solution

Build a Wix App that offers a comprehensive business solution, comparable to Wix’s own Bookings, Stores, and Restaurants Orders. For example:

  • Develop a business solution enabling site functionality for property rentals, integrating with the eCommerce platform for handling checkouts, payments, and more.
  • Create an auction solution that enables site owners to sell their goods or services in auction-style sales, where customers can submit live bids, secure winning items, and complete their purchases via the eCommerce platform.
  • Design an app that empowers businesses to offer customized or tailor-made products, where users can select specifications, preview their choices, and make purchases, all while smoothly integrating with the eCommerce infrastructure for payment processing and order handling.

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