When you call an API, the response you'll receive will include a status code. If something went wrong, you'll receive an error code that defines the type of error that occurred.

HTTP Status CodeDescription
200 - OKSuccess.
400 - Bad RequestOne or more request parameters is wrong or missing, or you didn't pass validation.
401 - UnauthorizedThe system wasn't able to authenticate you (missing or incorrect Authorization header, expired token, etc.).
403 - ForbiddenThe system authenticated you, but you don’t have permissions to call this API.
404 - Not foundResource not found / doesn't exist.
409 - ConflictThe resource you are attempting to create already exists.
429 - Too many requestsResource usage was exhausted (e.g., a previously used one-time-token).
500 - Internal server errorAn error occurred on Wix's server. Try again later.
501 - Not implementedThe endpoint hasn't been implemented yet.
503 - Service unavailableThe service that you’re trying to access is temporarily unavailable. Try again later.
504 - Gateway timeoutThe underlying service didn't respond in a timely manner. Try again later.
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