About the OAuth Apps API

The OAuth Apps API enables you to manage OAuth apps for a Wix Headless project or site. An OAuth app authorizes an external client app or site, on any platform, to authenticate with a Wix site or project and manage its data using the Wix JavaScript SDK.

With the OAuth Apps API, you can:

  • Create a new OAuth app to enable an external client to access a Wix project or site.
  • Query and retrieve information about existing OAuth apps.
  • Update details of an existing OAuth app.
  • Delete an OAuth app.

To use Wix Headless functionality you need to create an OAuth app, either using the OAuth Apps API or in the project or site's dashboard. For instructions on how to do this, see how to Set Up Authorization for Wix Headless.

Once you have created an OAuth app, learn how to Set Up the Wix JavaScript SDK for Wix Headless.

Before you begin

It's important to note the following points before starting to code:

  • Each external client should authenticate using its own OAuth app.
  • You can only generate a secret once for each OAuth app, and the secret can't be retrieved later. Store the secret securely.
  • After you delete an OAuth app, an external client can no longer make API calls by authenticating with its client ID.

Use cases


  • OAuth app: An intermediary application that authorizes and authenticates an external client to access data on a Wix project or site.
  • Project: A Wix business backend incorporating Wix business solutions, but which doesn't necessarily have a Wix site frontend.
  • Client: An external app or site, built on any platform, which accesses or manages data on a Wix project or site using Wix APIs.
  • Client ID: A unique ID that an external client uses to authenticate for making API calls.
  • Client secret: A unique credential that an external client uses to authenticate for admin access to a Wix project or site.
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