About the Wix eCommerce Validations Service Plugin

As a validation service plugin (formerly SPI), you can integrate your service with Wix's cart and checkout to allow merchants to request and use your services on their Wix sites. By integrating your service with Wix, the validations are performed on the site visitor's cart and checkout.

The integration is done via an app in the Wix App Market (created in the Wix Developers Center) and the Wix Validations service plugin.

Future functionality includes validating products and orders.

Learn more about service plugin extensions.

Before you begin

By default, the Validations service plugin only validates a site visitor's checkout. If you want to also validate a site visitor's cart, set the validateInCart parameter to true in the extension’s configuration file in the Wix Developers Center.

Use Cases

Using the service plugin, you can design your app to validate a cart and checkout for your merchant's customers, including:

  • Minimum cart value.
  • Age of a customer before they proceed to checkout.
  • Line item quantity limit.
  • Valid coupon code.
  • Specific items to ship only to specific regions.
  • Restrict purchases to site members only.
  • Close the checkout on certain days.


To enable Wix to communicate with your app:

  1. Go to the Extensions tab in the Wix Developers Center.
  2. Click Create Extension in the top right.
  3. Filter by eCommerce in the left menu, then find Ecom Validations and click Create.
  4. Provide the following configuration:
deploymentUristringRequired. Base URI where the endpoints are called. Wix appends the endpoint path to the base URI. For example, to call the Get Eligible Triggers endpoint at https://my-validations.com/v1/get-violations, the base URI you provide here is https://my-validations.com.
componentNamestringA unique name for this component. This is an internal name that will only appear in the Dev Center.
validateInCartbooleanWhether to validate the cart page in addition to the checkout page. Default: false


MerchantBusiness that offers products on their Wix site to customers.
SeverityHow severe the violation is. The violations are shown on the cart and checkout pages. A warning is displayed as yellow, and allows a site visitor to proceed with caution. An error is displayed as red, and doesn't allow a site visitor to proceed with the eCommerce flow.
Subscription OptionA store owner can create subscriptions to sell their products on a recurring basis. A line item can be a subscription.
TargetTarget location on a checkout or cart page where the violation will be displayed. The target violation can either be in a particular lineItem, or in an other area of the cart or checkout page.
Validation Service ProviderA 3rd-party app that implements custom logic to validate the site's cart or checkout.
ViolationsA list of any validation violations in a site visitor's cart or checkout.
Wix site ownerThe person managing the merchant's Wix site.
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