Reason Codes

Wix uses reason codes to provide detailed information about the statuses of payment, refund, and account connection requests to merchants. Payment Service Providers (PSPs) should use these codes when responding to requests from Wix and when sending webhooks to Wix.

The reason codes break down into these types:

The following tables list the reason codes that Wix supports for each type and the error messages that Wix displays to merchants for each code.

We suggest that PSPs map their internal errors to Wix's reason codes. This way, both merchants handling payments in the Wix dashboard and buyers who are completing their payments on the PSP's site get consistent error messages.

If you can't find a reason code for your error, use code 6000. Provide the error details in the errorCode and errorMessage fields of your response so the merchant can handle it properly.

General errors

These are general codes that can be returned in any response.

Reason CodeMessage
1002Provider access error.
1003Provider technical error.
1004Required fields are missing.
1005Malformed bank response.
1006Request is not allowed.
1007Invalid format parameter.
1009Invalid value.
1010Test mode.
1012Payment method not available.
1013Refund technical error.

Account connection failure

Use these codes when responding to Connect Account requests.

Reason CodeMessage
2000Merchant account is not active.
2001Merchant account blocked or restricted.
2002Merchant account invalid.
2007Payment method is not activated.
2008Merchant account is in test mode.
2009Merchant account does not match currency.

Transaction pending

Use these codes when responding to Create Transaction requests.

Note Responding with a Pending reason code means the transaction is likely to be approved in the future.

Reason CodeMessage
5005Pending fraudulent transaction.
5009Pending general.

Transaction declined

Use these codes when responding to Create Transaction requests.

Reason CodeMessage
3000General bank decline.
3001Invalid amount.
3002Transaction type is not supported.
3003Currency is not supported.
30043D secure failed.
3006Country is not supported.
3008Address verification failed.
3011AVS CVC check failed.
3012Insufficient funds.
3013Card expired.
3014Invalid expiration date.
3015Invalid card number.
3016Invalid CVV CVC.
3017Card type not supported.
3018Too many requests.
3019Card limit exceeded.
3020Test card declined.
3026Receiving limit.
3028Insufficient funds wallet.
3029Expired payment source.
3030Buyer canceled.
3031Transaction action already committed.
3034Installments failed.
3035Transaction expired.
3036Invalid PIN.
3037Terminal not available.
3040Security violation.
3041Invalid account.
3042Do not try again.
3043Buyer revoked authorization.
3044Bank notification failed.
3045Mandate canceled.
3046Mandate not active.
4000Cart amount does not match order.
4001Billing address missing.
4002Shipping address missing.
4003ZIP code missing.
4004Phone number missing or invalid.
5000Lost or stolen card.
5001Risk management declined.
5002Restricted or blocked card.
5003Restricted or blocked buyer.
5006Risk bank decline.
5007Pick up card.
6000General error.

Refund declined

Use these codes when responding to Refund Transaction requests.

Reason CodeMessage
3022Refund not allowed.
3023Payment already refunded.
3024Partial refund not allowed.
3025Insufficient funds for refund.
3032Refund attempts exceeded.
3033Refund time limit exceeded.
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