External Database Connection Object

An external database connection defines a connection between an external database and a Wix site or project.

namestringminLength 1maxLength 255

Name of the external database connection. An external database connection may connect to one or more external data collections or tables. These are represented as connectionName/dataCollectionId.

endpointstringformat WEB_URL

Base URL for provisioning and managing data in the external database. For example: https://example.com/my-external-database.


Settings passed to the external database connection as part of each request. These settings can relate to authentication, tenancy, or provide any other information needed for processing a request. Their content and structure depend on the specific requirements of the external database's API.


Status of the external database connection. Includes whether the connection was established successfully, and if not, the reason for the failure.


The external database's capabilities.

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