Implementation Overview

In order to integrate with Wix, a Payment Service Provider (PSP) needs to implement several endpoints and support sending webhooks to Wix. This article provides an overview of the integration process.

Implementing Endpoints

In order to integrate with Wix, a Payment Service Provider (PSP) needs to implement 3 endpoints. Wix calls these endpoints at different points when merchants and buyers interact with Wix sites.

The endpoints are:

Wix calls these endpoints using POST HTTP requests. The requests always have a "Content-Type" header with the value "application/json; charset=utf-8". The request body is always in JSON format. The PSP must respond to valid requests with an HTTP status code of 200 and a JSON response body with UTF-8 character encoding. Wix interprets any other response as a failure.

You can use any URL for your endpoints. Let Wix know which URLs to call by configuring them in the Wix Developers Center.

For general information about implementing endpoints, see Validate Endpoint Requests and Idempotency.

Implementing Webhooks

In addition to the endpoints, PSPs must send webhooks to Wix. These webhooks are used to:

  • Confirm payment events.
  • Confirm refund events.
  • Notify Wix about any changes to a payment or refund status.

Webhooks are sent using the Submit Event API. Learn more about sending webhooks.

Sample Implementation Flows

This reference includes detailed sample flows for a number of common use cases. The samples also explain when and how to send webhooks.

To learn more see:

If you need assistance with your integration, feel free to contact the Wix team.

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