Example Flows

This article shares possible use cases your app could support, as well as example flows. You're certainly not limited to these use cases, but it can be a helpful jumping off point as you plan your app's implementation.

Retrieve all of the email campaigns that a contact opened

Your app can help site owners check which emails a contact opened.

  1. With a contact's email address, use Query Contacts to retrieve their Contact ID.
  2. Use List Campaigns to retrieve all of the Campaign IDs for a site's campaigns.
  3. For each of the retrieved Campaign IDs, use List Recipients with the activity=OPENED query parameter.
  4. Extract only those campaigns where recipients.contactId matches the selected Contact ID.

Run an A/B test for a campaign's subject line

Your app can help a site owner run an A/B test on the subject of their new email campaign.

  1. Divide a site's contacts into two segments and use labels to differentiate them.
  2. Use the labelIds parameter in Publish Campaign to send 1 of the segments the new email campaign with 1 option for the emailSubject. Send the same email campaign with a different emailSubject to the other segment, also using labelIds.
  3. Use List Campaigns to retrieve the Campaign IDs for both campaigns.
  4. Use List Statistics to receive the statistics for both campaigns.
  5. Calculate and compare the OPENED rates for both campaigns.
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