Create Reservation

Developer Preview

This API is subject to change. Bug fixes and new features will be released based on developer feedback throughout the preview period.

Creates a new reservation.

Create Reservation accepts and requires different fields depending on the status and source provided, and the permissions of the user calling the endpoint.

Status and source

If a status is not provided, it will be set to:

  • RESERVED if manual approval is not required for confirmation
  • REQUESTED if manual approval is required for confirmation.

A reservation created with any source other than WALK_IN requires the and reservation.reservee.firstName fields. Attempting to create a reservation without these fields results in an error.


The fields status, source, reservation.details.tableIds, reservation.details.endDate, ignoreReservationLocationConflicts, and ignoreTableCombinationConflicts should only be included in the request if the call is made by a user with the MANAGE RESERVATIONS (FULL) permission scope. Including these fields in the request without the required permissions results in an application error.

If source is not provided, its value is set depending on the permissions of the user making the call. If the user has the MANAGE RESERVATIONS (FULL) permission scope the source is set to UNDEFINED. Otherwise, the source is set to ONLINE.

Note: Create Reservation requires all details of the reservation upfront. The process of creating a reservation can be broken up using Create Held Reservation. Create Held Reservation creates a temporary reservation that expires automatically unless it is completed with the addition of more details using Reserve Reservation.

Permission Scopes

For app development, you must have one of the following permission scopes:
Manage Reservations (Medium)
Manage Reservations (Full)
Manage Reservations (Basic)
Learn more about permission scopes.

Event TriggersThis method triggers the following events:
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