Field Projection

Some endpoints support field projection, which allows you to control which fields are returned in the response object. This is done with the use of fieldsets and projected fields.

Fieldsets are predefined, named sets of fields. Fieldsets are provided by Wix for common use cases. For example, in the Contacts API, the FULL fieldset returns the full contact object, and the BASIC fieldset returns the contact's name, primary email, and primary phone number.

The default fieldset is typically the full object, although your API may specify a different default fieldset. See your API's documentation for specific details.

Projected fields, on the other hand, allow you to supply a list of fields to return.

If you specify fieldsets and projected fields together in a request, the union of all included fields is returned. For example, if you specify the BASIC fieldset and the info.birthdate field, all fields included in the BASIC fieldset and info.birthdate are returned.

If neither fieldsets nor projected fields are specified, the default fieldset is returned.

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