Contact validations when creating a registered domain

This article outlines field validations for the contacts object in the Create Registered Domain call.

What Wix checks

Wix checks only formal requirements of each field, such as the maximum number of characters. See the table at the end of the article for a complete list of formal requirements that Wix checks.

What Wix doesn't check

Wix doesn't check whether the actual domain registrar has additional requirements, for example that the postal code is valid in the specified country.

Therefore it's important to confirm the following points before calling Create Registered Domain:

  • Phone number belongs to the country.
  • Email address is valid.
  • Postal code belongs to the country.

What happens when the external checks fail

If there is such a mismatch between the request and the registrar's requirements, the Create Registered Domain call succeeds, but the registration process can't succeed.

Then, you aren't immediately notified that the domain can't be delivered and Wix tries to register the domain several times. It may take up to 48 hours before the domain's status changes to "FAILED_REGISTRATION".

Formal requirements in Create Registered Domain

Wix performs the following validations as part of the Create Registered Domain call:

Field Name
Supported Characters and Format
Formal requirements
firstNameAlphanumericalMin: 2 characters
Max: 64 characters
lastNameAlphanumericalMin: 2 characters
Max: 64 characters
companyAlphanumericalMin: 2 characters
Max: 64 characters
phoneAlphanumericalMin: 2 characters
Max: 20 characters
emailAlphanumerical and @Must include a single @
Min: 3 characters
Max: 128 characters (64 before @ and 63 after @)
addressAlphanumericalMin: 2 characters
Max: 64 characters
countryCodeAlphanumerical in ISO-3166 alpha-2 format.Min: 2 characters
Max: 32 characters
cityAlphanumericalMin: 2 characters
Max: 64 characters
subdivisionCodeAlphanumerical in ISO-3166 alpha-2 format.Required for these countries: ”AE", "AR", "AT", "AU", "BE", "BR", "CA", "CH", "CL", "CO", "CR", "CZ", "DE", "DK", "ES", "FI", "FR", "GR", "IE", "IN", "IT", "JP", "KR", "MX", "MY", "NL", "NO", "NZ", "PE", "PL", "PT", "RU", "SE", "SG", "TH", "TR", "TW", "UA", "US", ”ZA”.
Min: 2 characters
Max: 32 characters
postalCodeAlphanumericalMin: 2 characters
Max: 16 characters
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