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During your app's life cycle, from bug fixes to new features, there are different reasons you may need to update your app. Wix categorizes updates as major or minor and handles versioning accordingly. Most updates require Wix's approval before being pushed to site owners.

App version update types:

  • Major version updates
  • Minor version updates
  • No version or update required

Major version updates

Major updates are not pushed automatically and require user action. Users receive notifications about available updates in the Manage Apps page and must click the Update button to accept the new version update.

If you’re using Advanced OAuth, you also need to take the site owner through the OAuth flow. You will receive an authorization code with which you must request a new refresh token. Store the refresh token in your database for later use together with the site owner's instance ID.

Major version numbering: 2.10.0. In this example, '2' denotes the major version.

The following changes require a major update:

Minor version updates

Most updates are considered minor. Site owners that have installed the latest major update, automatically receive minor updates on top of that version. If they are not on the latest major version, they will be offered an update with the Update button on the Manage Apps page. This will provide the update via the major update flow, including any new minor updates.

Minor version numbering: 2.10.0. In this example, '10' denotes the minor version.

Updates that don't require a new version

These types of updates require no user action and take effect as soon as you save the app.

Examples include:

  • Changes to OAuth endpoints (if using Advanced OAuth)
  • Adding or removing webhooks
  • Adding or removing team members

Retrieve versioning numbers

Wix maintains an internal versioning system that contains the major and minor version information. Use the Get App Instance API to retrieve the internal version of your app that is installed on each of site owners’ sites. The response contains app information:


It also contains site information:


On this owner's site the app’s major version is '2' and minor version is '10'. Site owners will get minor updates automatically, to 2.11, 2.12 and so on. However, the next major version, 3.0.0, will require the site owner to click the Update button in the App Manager or follow the instructions in your email or banner.

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