About Wix Apps

Wix apps are packages of reusable functionality that Wix users can add to their sites. They can contain anything from a simple site widget to a full-stack business solution, complete with backend logic, user interfaces, and databases.

Whether your app adds a useful widget to a user’s website or helps them manage their business through the site’s dashboard, Wix’s open platform lets you integrate seamlessly, wherever your app fits in.

Once you’ve built an app, you can make it public and offer it to millions of potential users through the Wix App Market or keep it private to install on your own sites.

Your app-building journey

Ready to get started? Build your app by navigating through the following stages:


Start off by learning about the various parts of the Wix ecosystem. This will help you understand where and how you can add your own functionality to a site. You can then jump right in and quickly build a simple app, or try out one of our many tutorials and app templates, covering a wide range of business cases.


Wix offers a versatile development platform with a comprehensive suite of tools and technologies. Use one of our development frameworks to build out your app’s functionality by creating extensions and integrating with Wix’s business solutions.


If you’re building a public app, set up your App Market listing, create promotional assets to showcase your app, and set up your app’s pricing plans to start making money. You'll also need to submit your app for review so Wix’s team can check that everything’s working as it should.


Once your app goes live, enhance your success by responding to reviews, analyzing performance metrics, localizing content, and refining monetization strategies to achieve optimal growth.

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