Manage User Reviews

User reviews are a really important part of your app's success. You can see your app’s rating and respond to user reviews by clicking the Reviews tab under Manage Your App in the Wix Developers Center.

Why reviews are important

Reviews help you to:

  • Identify your app’s strengths and weaknesses: Learn how people use your app, the features they need, and what they love most. You can also sort reviews according to how many people liked a review – so you’ll see how many users agree with a reviewer.
  • Build a more powerful product: Use the feedback as a starting point to improve your offering – add requested features, fix bugs, remove unnecessary features, and more.
  • Respond quickly to negative feedback: Build a good relationship with customers by showing them that you take their feedback seriously and want to improve their experience.

Get notified about new reviews

We send email notifications about new reviews to your Support Email with a link so that you can reply to reviews on the go. If you want notifications sent to a different email address, you need to update it in the Contact Info tab.

Respond to reviews

App Owners can respond to reviews directly from the Reviews tab in the Wix Developers Center. We strongly recommend checking your reviews at least once a day, and responding to questions and negative reviews within 24 hours.

This is a great opportunity for you to build trust in your app and establish a relationship with your users. Potential users may see negative reviews and decide not to use your app, but can change their mind if you give excellent support.

Keep these tips in mind when you respond:

  • Aim for short and sweet: Keep your response friendly, professional, and to the point. As it's a public page everyone can see what you write, so always be calm and polite.
  • Put yourself in their shoes: We’ve all had experiences with products that didn’t work the way we wanted, so respond to frustrated customers with understanding (and don’t take it personally).
  • Handle bugs right away and let users know when it's fixed: If there are minor bugs that you aren’t fixing right away, reply to let them know you’re on it, and then edit your review once it’s fixed.
  • Get the info you need to resolve the issue: If you have any follow-up questions for users, continue the conversation over email or through your support page (include your email address or a link when you reply to the review). The reviews page isn’t set up for conversations.
  • Try to improve your rating: If you’re able to resolve the user’s issue, ask them to rate your app again.

Get more reviews with prompts

We encourage you to request reviews from your users when and where it makes sense within your product flow (a happy moment works well, like when a user has completed their first action).

You can open a review modal as a new tab or window in any flow in your product, such as from within your product's dashboard, or refer users to it by including the link in an email.

Open it by calling this URL (with your App ID in the appropriate place):  


iframe apps

In iframe apps, you can make it easy for users to review your app – open the Reviews tab directly from the App Settings panel (in the Support tab).

Prohibited ways to gather reviews

  • Don’t force users to rate, review, share or follow the app on social media, download other apps, or take other similar actions in order to use the app, access functionality or content.
  • Don't prompt users to give you a review in exchange for a discount/free trial/gift card/etc.
  • Don't write or solicit others to write fake reviews. All fake reviews will be removed and we will consider additional steps against those who generate such reviews.

Removal of reviews

We can remove a review if it's:

  • Breached guidelines: E.g., The review was forced or requested in exchange for something.
  • Spam or advertising
  • Irrelevant content: E.g,: 
    • Text that is nonsensical and is not a review.
    • A review that is not related to the app itself – for example a general question about Wix or about another app.
  • Profanity or slander

If you've seen a review that you feel is inaccurate then please open a ticket telling us why it needs removing – if there are several reviews that need action please gather them in a spreadsheet to help us take action.

Find a solution

If you don’t agree with a user’s review, reply with a solution and then ask the user to rate your app again. Once you respond, please allow up to 14 days for them to change their review.

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