How to Test Your App on a Free Premium Development Site

It's essential that you test your app thoroughly before submitting it for review. To make this easier we provide a pre-made Premium development site that's free to use. This sandbox environment means you don't need to spend time setting up your own Wix site or requesting a Premium coupon to test your app.

Create a Premium development site

  1. Log in to the Wix Developers Center.
  2. Click Test Your App in the top right corner of your dashboard (if you already have one or more test sites, hover over Test Your App and click Create Development Site instead).

3. Pick the type of Wix Business Solution/s you want to pre-install on your site. You can always add more later in the site Editor.

4. Click Create Site. It takes around 20-30 seconds to create the site, so please don't refresh the page. You'll receive an email inviting you to join the site, but you should ignore this.

5. Hover over Test Your App again to select a starting point for your app: App Market, Editor, or Dashboard. A starting point is the location from which a user first installs / interacts with your app.

6. You'll be prompted to select the development site from your list of sites which will be named 'Dev Site'.

7. You can create multiple development sites. To do this, hover over Test Your App and click Create another development site.

Just so you know It can take custom domains up to 48 hours to connect to your site. When you connect a custom domain it takes time for DNS (Domain Name System) settings changes to update across the web.

Note: Development sites can be shared, but can't be transferred to another owner.

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