Set Up Your Wix App Dependencies

If your app depends on a Wix product (e.g. Wix Stores) being installed on a user's site for it to work (i.e. you rely on specific APIs within that product), then you need to add which Wix products your integration requires in the Wix Developers Center. This prevents users from installing your app until the relevant Wix product is installed.


This app requires Wix Stores, so users without Wix Stores installed are prevented from adding it to their site. They are prompted to install the missing Wix product in a notification on the app's page.

Set up your app dependencies

  1. Go to Market Listing > App Audience in the side menu of the Wix Developers Center.
  2. Under Required Wix products select Yes.
  3. Choose which Wix product/s your app is dependent on from the drop-down menu.
  4. Click Save.
  5. If your app is already published, you'll need to submit your app for review.

Scenario: User deletes Wix product after installing your app

When a user deletes a product that your app relies on, the missing APIs may cause you to start getting errors in your API calls. To check whether a user has the relevant Wix product installed, you should do the following on launch of your app:

  1. Call Get App Instance.
  2. The response shows which Wix products are installed on the user's site in the site object installedWixApps.
  3. When you identify that a user doesn't have the relevant Wix products installed, you should display an error message that prompts the user to install the required app.
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