Add a Promotional Banner

We occasionally pick apps to promote in the App Market. They could appear in the Trending Now section, or in other curated collections. If we do choose your app to promote, we'll need you to supply us with a promotional banner. 

You can upload your promotional banner by going to Market Listing > Media in the Wix Developers Center.

Here's how they look in the App Market:

Often the image you've already uploaded as your first market listing image works well as a promotional banner. If not, follow these guidelines to set one up:

  1. Image size and format: 540 x 360 px in a JPG format.

  2. Use a colorful background: it works well if this is your logo's dominant color (avoid white, as this fades into the white background of the App Market).

  3. Don't include text: your app name and teaser will appear directly below the banner.

  4. Don't include your logo: this will also appear directly below the banner.

Note: Please keep in mind that creating a promotional banner doesn't guarantee that we'll pick you for one of our promotions.

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