Set Up a Free Trial

If you don't offer a free version of your app, we highly recommend offering a free trial so users can experience your app's value before they decide whether to upgrade.

When offering a free trial you're responsible for keeping track of and managing the trial days for each user. Once the trial's finished, lock the app and ask the user to upgrade.

Here's how it works:

  1. During the trial, your app should work as if it's completely free: this means that the app instance query parameter won’t hold the Package ID, but the user’s site will display a premium app.

  2. Tell users how many days are left in the trial: display a message in your App Settings panel to let the user know how many days are left in the trial – follow this PSD.

  1. Once the trial's over, notify the user and lock the app: follow the guidelines in this PSD.

  2. In the App Settings panel: lock the app and ask the user to upgrade.

  • Change the CTA button in the Main tab to be an upgrade button with class btn-upgrade.
  • Display a notification next to the Main label. When users hover over it, display a tooltip (Note: Use the showTabNotification function in the panel tabs UI control).

  1. In the Editor: display a notification inside your website component to let the user know that the trial's expired.

6. In the live site (and preview): either remove the app from the user’s live site or lock the app and display a notification for site visitors.

7. If the user upgrades, unlock the paid features: once the user upgrades, the Package ID will appear in the app instance query parameter of your endpoint’s URL, so you'll know that the user's upgraded.

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