Appear on the Wix Owner App

The Wix Owner app is a mobile app that helps Wix users manage their website on the go. Users can run their Wix Store or Blog, communicate with site members using Wix Inbox, view notifications, stats and more.

We're currently testing a 'light' version of the Wix App Market on the Wix Owner app. This allows users to find apps that support mobile, install them, and open their dashboards all from their phone. It can be a great way for new users to discover your app.

App requirements

To be eligible to appear on the App Market on the Wix Owner app you need to meet the following criteria:

  • Your app must have a dashboard component and no visual Editor components (widgets or pages).
  • All dashboard screens need to be optimized for mobile devices.
  • Flows should be adapted to make sense for users using the mobile app.
  • On iOS devices: don't show the upgrade flow and instead show a message of “Upgrading to Premium isn’t available on the app".

Important: We load your dashboard endpoint in React Native WebView inside of the Wix Owner App,
if you have links that open a new tab or window it will lead users out of the app and into their browser which will likely break functionality.


As this is a beta test, there are some things you should be aware of before optimizing your app for the Wix Owner app.

  • There is currently no way to test this flow prior to production.
  • On Android devices: Wix billing purchase flows only work if you redirect the user to the page, and doesn't work in a new window/tab.
  • The Wix SDK does not work within the Wix Owner App – your app needs to work without it and hide/disable any parts that don't.

Note: If you don't wish to optimize all screens, then you can block some behind a screen telling users to go to desktop for that functionality.

Identify Wix Owner app users

You can identify a user coming from the Wix Owner App via these query parameters that we will add when a user installs or opens the app:

  • openedIn=ownerApp
  • isPremiumUpgradeAllowed=false/true: (Premium upgrade is allowed on Android, so it will be true and on iOS it will be false.
  • Premium upgrade messaging should be aligned to the query param "isPremiumUpgradeAllowed". 
  • When "true": You can present upgrade offerings and pricing as usual.
  • When "false": You can only say "Upgrading to Premium isn’t available on the app". You're not allowed to present any upgrade offerings and pricing, or lead to the desktop site to continue the upgrade process.

Submit your app for consideration

Once you've made all required adjustments and tested your app, let us know that you've optimized your app for mobile and wish to appear in the Wix Owner app.

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