About Your App Statistics

App stats are a great way to track how your app's doing against different metrics and timeframes. You can use this data to inform any changes you might want to make to your app, depending on its performance.

You can view these in the Statistics tab in the Wix Developers Center.

Apps included in bundles

The Upgrades stat also includes bundle upgrades. This means you may notice a slight difference between this data and your payouts data.

View the data

Use the drop-down menus to select if you want to display the data by Day, Week, or Month, then choose a time period. Stats are updated every 24 hours.

You can also view this in a table format by clicking the Details tab. This is broken down into 5 metrics – Page views, Installs, Uninstalls, and Upgrades.

Payouts and revenue data

The Statistics tab doesn't show any financial data relating to payouts and revenue. To see this you'll need to check Payouts dashboard.

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