Set Up BI Events for Your App

By adding BI events to your app's code Wix can collect data on specific user behaviour when they install, use, and upgrade apps. 

This data provides powerful insights, with which we plan to implement flows in order to push users towards success. E.g., If we see a user didn’t complete setup, then we can nudge them to do so through product flows like notifications, badges, and more.

In the future, these additional data points should allow us to have a smarter and more dynamic ranking system, exposing the most relevant apps for users in the App Market’s categories and collections.

Available BI events

We have 5 BI events that collect different user data. You should only add the ones most relevant to your app's flow:

  1. Complete Setup: tells us when a user has successfully finished setting up your app.
  2. App Upgraded: tells us if a user has upgraded your app (this is only relevant if you use external billing). 
  3. App Dashboard Loaded: tells us if a user has loaded your app’s dashboard.
  4. First Success: tells us if a user has completed a successful action within your app – i.e. sent an email, generated an invoice – whatever your app is designed to do.
  5. Log-in Completed: tells us if a user has logged in to your app (if required).

How to add BI events

We’ve added these BI events to our Docs which allows you to call ‘sendBIEvent’ each time a relevant event happens.

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